John David Art

Artist's Statement

Since gaining a 1st Class Honours degree in Fine Art, my art education has continued through my practice. Falling under the influence of Pablo Picasso, Jean Dubuffet and others over the years, I have produced a diverse body of work which interacts positively with my life.

Whilst my art is very personal to me, I am keen to share the outcomes with others. The viewer, though, takes from the work whatever it gives to them, however distant that may be from my initial inspiration. I enjoy hearing people's differing responses to an image on show.

How works turn out it is virtually impossible to accurately predict. Nevertheless, I am currently preoccupied with the 'filling' out of the the developing opus. The spontaneous aspect of the image-making  is now complemented by a more planned approach. I remain especially receptive, however, to those passing random elements which continue to take my attention.

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